Steve W. Dunn - Educational Consultant
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Steve W. Dunn
Steve lives in Southern California with his wife of forty years. He has one son.
About Steve W. Dunn - Educational Consultant
Steve has been a classroom teacher, a district resource teacher, vice principal, and principal of a low income, second language school.  In addition, he has been a national staff developer for the last twenty years, facilitating changes of best literacy practices through professional development, coaching coaches, administrative walkthroughs, and teaching demonstration lessons in the classroom for teachers to observe. In addition, He is the author of Writing Workshop Teacher Guides and Word Foundations which can be purchased through this website.  

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Steve W. Dunn is a national consultant who specializes in teacher, prinicpal, and instructional coach education, from kindergarten to grade twelve. With a passion for fostering a love of learning, Dunn has dedicated his career to helping students and educators achieve success in the classroom and school wide. Through his extensive experience and expertise, he provides valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance the teaching and learning experience for both students and adult.

Steve W. Dunn understands the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during these crucial stages of education. He emphasizes the importance of creating an engaging and supportive learning environment that encourages students to explore and develop their academic skills. Dunn's approach is centered around empowering teachers with the tools and knowledge needed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning in their students. Gradual Release of Responsibly is CLEARLY demonstrated throughout the workshops. Assessment tools are emphasized to help students with whole and small group. One of the most unique tools that Dunn uses is to teach in real classrooms, demonstrating what it looks, feels, and sounds like in a real classroom.

One of Steve W. Dunn's key contributions is his focus on incorporating interactive and hands-on activities into the curriculum. By making learning more interactive, he believes that students can grasp complex concepts more effectively and develop a deeper understanding of the material. Dunn's commitment to excellence in education makes him a valuable resource for schools and educators nationwide, as they strive to create a positive and impactful learning experience for every student.