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Steve W. Dunn- Author, Curriculum Developer, 
Keynote Speaker, Staff Developer
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Writing Workshop and Educational Consulting 
Professional Educational Services Offered:

K-12 Professional Development in:
Reading, Writing, Expository Research, Nonfiction Strategies, Spelling Vocabulary & Grammar/Skill Development, Coaching, Gradual Release, and Student Engagement that is Standards Aligned

Staff Development Audiences:
Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, and Leadership Teams

    Steve W. Dunn is a well-known national consultant who has made significant contributions to the field of education. With years of experience and expertise, Dunn has become a trusted advisor to schools and educational organizations across the country.  Dunn's work as a consultant focuses on helping schools improve their overall performance and enhance the learning experience for students. By providing guidance and support to educators and administrators, Dunn helps create strategies and implement best practices that lead to positive outcomes in the education system.
    One of Dunn's key areas of expertise is in curriculum development. He works closely with schools to design curriculum frameworks that are engaging, relevant, and aligned with academic standards. Dunn understands the importance of creating a curriculum that caters to the needs of diverse learners and prepares students for success in the 21st century.
In addition to curriculum development, Dunn also provides professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders. He conducts workshops and training sessions that focus on effective teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and data-driven instruction. By empowering educators with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles, Dunn plays a vital role in improving teaching practices and student outcomes.
    Furthermore, Dunn is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement within schools. He believes in the power of collaboration and encourages schools to work together towards common goals. Dunn emphasizes the importance of data analysis and assessment to track progress and make informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders in the education community.
    Overall, Steve W. Dunn's passion for education and his dedication to supporting schools nationwide have established him as a respected national consultant. Through his innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dunn continues to make a positive impact on the field of education and inspire positive change in schools across the country.
Research on ELL and Writing
Author, Keynote Speaker, Teacher, Consultant, Coach, Program Evaluator, Former Principal
A scope and sequence program for 2nd - 5th grade students.  The manuals provide daily word work with proven results.  The program is designed to help fill in the missing phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and meaning pieces. This program is in alignment with the Science of Reading.   Check the website for more information.

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New On-Demand Professional Development Website available by yearly subscription.  Get EVERY word pattern explained by Steve before you teach it.   

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